• FAQ's
      1. When is the State Cup tournament application due? 

        Applications for all age groups are due April 10, 2017. Late Applications will be accepted before the Late Deadline, April 12, 2017. with an additional $300. After the Late Deadline, no applications will be accepted.

      2. Are all teams accepted into the tournament?

        Yes, this tournament is open to all teams. Your team may be in a play-in game depending on the number of teams entered into your division. See the Playing Format form on the Documents tab.

      3. How many transfers can I have on my team?

        You may have 5 previously rostered players on your roster on the date when your roster is named (frozen).

      4. What does ‘Previously Rostered’ mean?

        A previously rostered player is a player who has been previously rostered to another team during this seasonal year ( September – August).

      5. Can I use Club Pass players on my State Cup roster?

        Yes. You can use as many eligible Club Pass players as you need as long as you have 9 players that have been rostered on the team since the beginning of the seasonal year.

      6. What does ‘Named (Frozen) Roster’ mean?

        A named (frozen) roster is the roster you will play with throughout the entire tournament, from your first game until the State Round of the tournament is over.

      7. Where will State Cup round robin games be held?

        The State Cup round-robin games for all teams will be hosted by the Columbus Youth Soccer Club, Woodruff Farm Soccer Complex.

      8. How do I know if my roster has verified birthdays?

        All birthdays are verified by your League Registrar when you register to play soccer. If you have a question regarding verification, please contact your registrar.

      9. How do I get my birthdates verified?

        Your league registrar is the person who will verify your roster. You will provide the registrar copies of birth certificates and they will complete the process.

      10. Can a team play in both the D2.D3 State Championship and State Cup?

        Yes, a D2.D3 teams may play in State Cup with one exception. TEAMS AND PLAYERS THAT ARE ADVANCING TO THE REGIONAL PRESIDENT'S CUP ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN STATE CUP. This includes both registered team members and Club Pass players.

      11. Can a player play in both the D2.D3 State Championsip and State Cup?

        Any player that is advancing to the Regional President's Cup, whether a team member or Club Pass player, is not eligible to participate in the State Cup. All other players are eligible.

      12. If my team loses their play-in game, will the team receive any money back?

        Yes, teams that do not advance into the round-robin after a play-in game will receive a refund of approximately one-half of their entry fee.

      13. What do I do if it says I am "Not Authorized" to see my Game Card/Roster or Player Release form?

        If you cannot access your forms, click the word "Control Panel" underneath your name in the top right hand corner of the page. Once you have returned to your team home page, you will see a box at the top of the page labeled "Current Access". Inside that box, click the word "access" next to the team for which you are trying to see the forms. This will grant you access to see all the forms for your team on the DOCUMENTS Tab.