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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Addison Galason SAF 02 Elite Goalie2020
Natalie Jones UFA 03G Gold Right Defender2021
Kinsey Beaty UFA Mountains 00G Gold Forward/Mid2020
Braelyn Young UFA Forsyth 02G Gold Left Wing2020
Hannah Hubbard UFA Forsyth 02G Gold Goalie2020
Bailey Vessell AFC Lightning '00 Gold Right Defender2019
Noelle Choate UFA Forsyth 02G Gold Center Mid2021
Meghan Sullivan UFA 03G Gold Midfield2021
Kate Anchors UFA 03G Gold Defender2021
Taegan Laufer NTH Tophat 04G White QP Defender2020
Kaitlyn Mcintyre NTH Tophat 06 White QP 2019
Erica Quinn UFA Forsyth 02G Gold 2020
Cindy Bonilla LSA Sharks Select Navy 00 Forward/Mid2019
Anna Sjogren UFA Forsyth 02G Gold Defensive/Mid2021
Madison Wright AFC Lightning '00 Gold Midfield2019
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STATEGA 2019 F F N 3 0
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